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About us

Hősné & Son Dental Technique Ltd. was founded as a family business in 1993. The innovative effort of the past 25 years made our laboratory competitive in this constantly developing profession.

The lab is lead by Master Dental Technician dr. Sándorné Hős having 48years of experience and connections. Prosthetic tasks of the lab are carried out and controlled by Master Dental Technician Sándor Hős with four well-prepared dental technician colleagues.

Many certificates prove our constant professional development.

To keep our technical advance up-to-date we make use of own resources and competitions as well. Our company also shares in education to ensure well-skilled reinforcement.

During the everyday work we keep in touch with our patients through our customers, help in designing prosthesis, choosing the right colour and restoring articulative conditions.

In the past few years we managed to preserve the health of hundreds of completely satisfied patients due to our local and foreign customers.

Sándor Hős

Dental Technician Master

Our philosophy


During the everyday work I fanatically look for providing the best solutions to design and build prosthesis. The CAD/CAM technology brings in our lab the perfectly correct base to build a bridge-frame and KISS ceramics gives us the opportunity to create a completely individual and strikingly resembling ceramic camouflage.

I am committed to the professional leading of my work team. We do our job precisely and balanced, keep the terms and approach to the solution of problems constructively.

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